Slimming world

Just a quick one ☺


So I’ve been trying to get healthy and loose weight in so many ways! 

Thought I would give slimming world a go but I’m not doing it properly, just yet.

I’ve tried doing other diets and they don’t last me very long. I lose 10lbs and after that nothing seems to disappear. I’m not one for exercising but I’ve been trying to do some walking up and down the river by me as well as jogging up and down the stairs everywhere I am.

So far I’ve been trying to plan all my meals for my dinner. I’ve only managed one and I’m having it for 4/5 days this week. I will keep you updated after next week’s 7 day meal plan.



Bacon (without the fat)





I would also put in tomatoes but I hadn’t got any at the time. This fills me up during dinner and gives me enough energy for the rest of the day! I snack on fruit throughout the day too.

All of this is free bar the mayonnaise!!



Nutella Cakes


I was given a recipe if you could call it that (my friend wrote the basics down) so I’m winging it!! Challenge was accepted.



These are supposed to have 1 syn in which is good for a little naughty snack and I LOVE Nutella!!


I’ve used:

1 medium egg

125g (4.5 oz) Nutella

5 level Tbsp Plain Flour


Preheat the oven to 180 degree on a fan (sorry no idea what the equivalents are!!)

I was told it would take 6 minutes but I’ve literally just done them now and it has taken me 10 minutes. I’d keep checking them if you aren’t too sure or don’t bake very often.


These are great! Nice, quick and easy chocolate fix!! I’m going to let them cool down and endeavour in one.


Thanks guys have a lovely evening!! 💚



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