Girls Spa Night Away 

Good Evening Guys! Hope you’ve had a lovely bank holiday weekend. 

Wednesday was my Mother-in-law’s 40th Birthday. I combined one of her favourite chocolates into a birthday cake for her. Ferrero Rocher. 

Saturday, we took her to The Park Royal Hotel, Stretton. Where we had a spa night away with no stress in sight. Yes! I’d had a very busy and stressful week in work so it was much needed for me! 

We took plenty of alcohol with us and could barely reach the hotel with the amount we had to carry. Haha. 

Eventually, we got in our rooms and decided to start drinking of course! My sister-in-law had a surprise massage booked for her and we kept on drinking without even realising. 

We headed down to the spa with her and left her to get her surprise massage, ran back to the room and decorated with with banners and party poppers, then ran back down to go swimming and wait for her. 

Had a great time away and I can’t wait for the next one! Absolutely love spa days!! 

Simply Red, Simply Cheshire 

Hi guys! 🙂

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
I would just like to share with you my Sunday evening last weekend.

Some of my family and I, went to Betley Court Farm. Those of you from Cheshire may know that Simply Red performed there.

I’m just going to post a few pictures for you to enjoy so you don’t have to read my story rambling on haha!!

The queue was massive!

We brought our chairs and blanket to sit on so we didn’t have to stand all night.

Yes, we enjoy a good drink!

And food! Haha

And of course… Obligatory doughnuts!!!

Thanks Guys! 😘

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Zone of Comfort

Hi guys! 

I know I haven’t posted for a while, I apologise! But today I want to share with you my new project and the struggles. 

So, I set up a Facebook page called “T-Cakes” I sort of want to create my own business. Obviously cakes!! But for the time being I have set up a page for my non-profit-making cake business (hopefully for the time being)

At first I thought.. Yeah! Let’s go for it stepping out my comfort zone and putting myself out there as a cake maker. 

I had seen loads of people posting in those for sale pages about being let down by other people. To me, a birthday cake is special and always essential! So, i got my idea from that. 

Personalised Cakes for a Birthday Boy

So, I set up my page and created myself a little logo for my profile picture and didn’t invite anyone to like it until it was perfectly set up. 

I published my page later on that night and I got some great hits! Likes after likes and comments not so much. I’ve been trying to attract some customers nearer my area with pictures of cakes I have made etc. 

Minnie Mouse Inspired
Lemon Drizzle

With my business being cake based, I’m finding it hard to attract the customers in. I’ve had good statistics of who has seen the posts and pictures but not many people have been enquiring. I mean I know I have just started off booking people in, I just thought people may have questions. For example; Do I make gluten free cakes? 

Haribo Cupcakes

Tonight, I have thought of an idea to attract people to definitely want to be more involved. I uploaded a post asking if anyone was interested in participating in a competition. This included winning 4 free Cupcakes. 

Baby Shower Cupcakes
Baby Shower Cake

I thought with the post including the word free, that most people would be like a swarm of flies on a cats dinner. Pardon the disgusting phrase haha!

Anyway, the post didn’t get so many people into it. The competition isn’t official I just wanted an idea of who would be interested. A few people commented but not as many as I’d hoped. 

This has all got me a little down at the moment as it’s completely knocked my confidence. 😔 I am usually a creative person, but I can’t think of much else to get there attention to start it off. 
Has anyone got any ideas that they wouldn’t mind sharing with me? All will be appreciated! 
Thank you Guys x

Hope you’ve had a wonderful day.