Hello October 🍁

Although it may be bitter cold outside the orange and red leaves are starting to show. 

October is the start of my favourite part of the year! Orange is one of my favourite colours and the best fashion is in autumn. Saying that, I think it’s time for a winter shop! 

So my weekend has consisted of keeping snug, eating domino’s and drinking hot chocolate! Yum. 

My whole Saturday was spent making Cupcakes and chocolate crunch. Considering I’m on a diet this was very hard not to eat! I may have sneaked a piece or two. 

I took a visit to my nan’s before she flies out tonight to see her sister. I took her a few yummy treats and helped to weigh her suitcase. 

Hope she has the best time away and I will see her again in 6 weeks with her sister. This year we get to spend Christmas with her too and she’s also here for her birthday. 

I have lots of celebrations coming up from now until the end if March. I’m going to be a very busy Baker! 

Hope you have all had a good weekend! 

Vicky x
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