Fit For A Queen 

On Friday, I finally had a day off! Words can’t explain how much I was looking forward to a lie in! But did I get one? Nope! 

For the past 6 or 7 years I’ve not eaten breakfast as I’ve always been sick afterwards. However, on Friday, I managed to have some porridge and a banana. It was probably because I woke up at my usual time, 6.30am. I must have been bored!

Anyway, Friday was another day where my mum and I surprised my Grandma and her sister as another Christmas gift. We very rarely get to do anything with my mums auntie because she lives abroad. We find it hard to go over to Germany every year. Twice as hard because we want to travel to different countries too. 

My mum and I picked them both up and we were ready to go for 1pm. Yet again my Grandma said are we going to such a place. She was right. But I said no haha. 

We arrived and we were seated really quickly. Our table was reserved, which we had booked well in advance.The room was decorated with Christmas decorations as it would have been in the Victorian Era.

My mums auntie has never had an afternoon tea before so we thought this would be something special for her. We had booked a Victorian Christmas afternoon tea. 

We were served a lovely mulled wine to begin and had selected our teas from the menu, as well as what scones we would like for afterwards. There was a very large selection of teas and as I remember the choice of scones were; cherry and cinnamon, plain and cheese and walnut.

We pulled our crackers and sipped on our wine. I’ve never had mulled wine before, but I could drinks gallons of it! I’d always thought I’d never like it! 

Our wine was almost drunk and our afternoon tea was served. We had let them know the reason we came, as a birthday present for my mums auntie too, which is next week now. They had lit a candle and stuck it in one of the cakes and sung happy birthday to her, which was lovely. 

We dug into our Victorian afternoon teas. 

The sandwiches choices we had were: 

Salmon and Cream Cheese 

Potted Beef 

Turkey and Cranberry 


Egg Mayonnaise 
Unfortunately, I only like ham! I did try the turkey and cranberry, but it was far too sweet for me. All of the produce comes from local farmers in the surrounding area and the eggs come form their own egg farm. 

There were far too many cakes to choose from! My mum and I decided to share a few of the cakes we picked out so we were able to try the majority of them. They are all gorgeous to look and and absolutely delicious! The cakes again are either made by themselves or locally sourced. 

Some of the cakes were: chocolate Swiss log, chocolate brownie Christmas pudding, stollen, Meringue and Carrot Cake. 

We were all absolutely full by the time we had eaten the majority of the cake tiers. There were still scones to come!! 

We had all chosen cherry and cinnamon scones. 

The scones came with clotted cream, butter (for me as I don’t like cream), blackcurrant and Strawberry, Apple and pear jams. 

We asked the lady to box up the rest of the cakes for them to take home and we were ready to go! 

Safe to say they both enjoyed it! 

Thanks for reading guys 🙂

Vicky x

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