10 Facts about me…

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week.

I haven’t really said much about myself in my past blogs, so here’s a few little facts about me.

  1. I’m an older sibling. I have one younger sister, Becky.
  2. I used to name my pets after the spice girls (Rabbits and Guinea pigs) I now have an adopted cat called Ellie.
  3. My ears crack. “your ears crack?” Yes they do and everyone thinks it’s weird. Haha
  4. My favourite drink is probably a pornstar martini. A nice rosé wine would come a close 2nd.
  5. I have a fear of heights.
  6. I’m 1/4 german.
  7. My dream job would be owning my own cake/coffee shop selling my cakes.
  8. My mums uncle passed a few years ago, he visits me from time to time. I truly believe in life after death.
  9. My perfect day would be a sunday afternoon when it’s raining. I’d be watching Harry Potter in my pyjamas with blankets and junk food.

10. My guilty pleasure would be watching gossip girl over and over with a tub of nutella and a spoon.

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