Stepping into 2019

January has been a slow one again.. too much snow and extremely long days!

I’m glad we’re going into Feb now so I just wanted to share what I’d been up to over the past couple of months.

October/November 2018

Lots of baking!

December 2018

90s Concert

Ice Village

Surprise 21st Birthday party for my sister-in-law. Made her a rose gold cake and cupcakes

Mums 50th Birthday – Great Gatsby

Celebrated Christmas with family

January 2019

Friends birthday night away

Such a busy few months, so the beginning of the year is going to be less mental!

Spice Up Your Life

On Friday I went on a girly night to see a tribute act for the spice girls.

Me and the girls had a few drinks and danced the night away. The tribute act were really good, especially with it being local.

Everyone there enjoyed it a lot and I’d definitely recommend it to all you who love a throwback. I was only 5 at the time, so some songs off their first album I didn’t know.

I was in my element dancing to the songs, we even tried to win a free bottle of bubbly. Clearly our dance moves were the best! But unfortunately we didn’t win it. Gutted!

We had that much fun we went in the pub next door to carry on.


Thanks for reading guys!

With Love, V x


Saturday 18th November

I had such a lovely girly time in Liverpool on Saturday. We met up and checked out a few shops before heading for some cocktails and food.

We had a nosey at some of the Christmas markets and enjoyed a glass of prosecco.

It was very busy so we booked a table at Zizzi for a meal before the concert.

I had a meatball and pasta dish with 2 christmas cocktails: both a passontini.

We then danced our socks off to the Vengaboys and Steps. I tried to remember all the dance moves even though they started when I was 3 years old!

Such a good night!

Did any of you go and see Steps too?

Thanks for reading this short post!

With Love, V x

Simply Red, Simply Cheshire 

Hi guys! 🙂

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
I would just like to share with you my Sunday evening last weekend.

Some of my family and I, went to Betley Court Farm. Those of you from Cheshire may know that Simply Red performed there.

I’m just going to post a few pictures for you to enjoy so you don’t have to read my story rambling on haha!!

The queue was massive!

We brought our chairs and blanket to sit on so we didn’t have to stand all night.

Yes, we enjoy a good drink!

And food! Haha

And of course… Obligatory doughnuts!!!

Thanks Guys! 😘

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Little Mix Review

Get Weird!


Liverpool Echo


I took my sister and mum to see Little Mix on Thursday night in Liverpool. This was my sisters Christmas present from me. First of all I didn’t get home in time to get ready properly so I was rushing! I was thinking we were going to be late but we ended up being there for the beginning acts. Worst thing for me when I don’t have enough time to get ready!

Nathan Sykes was the major support act before them and he was really good. Throughout The Wanted, Nathan hadn’t experimented with his voice much. It was really good how he used his vocals differently now being a solo artist. He played some of his songs and songs from other artists.

Little Mix were so good! I wouldn’t even call it a was more like a show! Compared to other acts I’ve seen, Little Mix got the audience involved in so much of it.









The one downfall of the concert was that all the children that had booked floor seats couldn’t see. Everyone stood up at the start and the kids all climbed on the seats. Then I couldn’t see being a midget an all! Eventually, everyone on the floor had to sit down. This to me was so much better and the kids could see then. Even me!





The Setlist :



Change Your Life





Secret Love Song, Pt. II


Jump On It / Crazy In Love / Where Are Ü Now / Fester Skank / Ring The Alarm


Little Me


How Ya Doin’? / Hotline Bling

I Won’t

Love Me Like You

Weird People

The End

Black Magic


Little Mix is definitely a 10/10 performance and I’d recommend going the next time they are on tour!!

I took some short videos which are on my instagram if you wish to take a look. Please give us a cheeky follow too 😘