Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great, long easter weekend. 

What did everyone get up to? 

Easter is probably my favourite holiday with all the pretty flowers and baby animals around! The sun starts to perk up a bit and makes you feel more energised. 

I’ve spent most of the holiday baking and eating. My mum and nan flew over to Germany to the rest of my family, while I stayed here with Jay. 

I tried to decorate the house as much a possible but eventually it was only one or two things with being busy baking. I added some colour by buying some tulips. 

You can’t not have any tulips at easter.

On Friday I spent most of the day baking and washing clothes. We had a chilled day and then went out for a curry! My favourite food. I always go for Chicken Tikka Masala because the flavours are amazing! 

Saturday morning I spent the day baking again! It was a lovely morning so I decided go take a break and have some hot cross buns out in the garden. 

I had run a cupcake giveaway on my Facebook page for easter and drew the winner on the Friday. The winner was my old best friend and she absolutely loved the cakes. 

They were all different flavours;

Vanilla, White chocolate and Raspberry, Strawberry and vanilla, chocolate Fudge, Malteser and Carrot Cake. 

I made a Carrot Cake loaf (no picture) to take to my aunties on the Sunday which was decorated with Cream Cheese Frosting and daisies. 

I attempted to make a Malteser cake until I forgot to add malt flavouring to the icing! It was just a quick an easy cake to make so I gave most of it out to family and friends. 

There was an awful lot of cake I made so I took a few in to work so I didn’t become a pig haha. 

Easter is my fave time to make cakes because of all the bright colours. 

I bought my nieces some easter chocolate from Aldi for easter and took them round to Jay’s mums for them. How cute are they?! 

On the Sunday, me and Jay went to my aunties for dinner. I didn’t manage to take any pictures, sorry! 

We had a homemade minestrone soup with garlic bread to start. For the main we had a turkey joint with veg and toasties. Then for the dessert we had white chocolate and passionfruit ice-cream. 

A while later we watched part of the grand prix and had some Carrot Cake and then went home about half 4. 

Again, on Monday I didn’t take any pictures apart from a selfie. Oops. But we went to the Legs of Man to celebrate my sister getting a new job. We ate in the restaurant, which is quiet, but a nice atmosphere. 

The Legs of Man is a lovely restaurant, perfect for special occasions as it’s slightly higher in price and more ‘posh’. You order your mains and when they are served the waiters bring round the potatoes and veg. Then you choose what you want and how much. 

We had a 3 course meal, so for starter I had a melon platter. There was mixed fruit around a melon fan. 

Me and Jay had a Chicken Romany. Chicken stuffed with cheese and ham, covered in a mushroom and pepper sauce. 

For dessert I had a tiramasu and Jay had a Chocolate Fudge cake. There is usually a trolly in the corner of the room that they have displayed with all the desserts on. 

So my whole Easter weekend was spent eating like a pig haha! 

After Easter was finished, I finally had a bit of chocolate. 

Cheaper than egg and spoons by cadbury’s and Aldi has just as nice chocolate! 

I also bought myself an egg from there that I still haven’t eaten. Its just too pretty! 

Hope you all had a good easter weekend! And everyone indulged in yummy chocolate. 

Thanks for reading.

Love, V x

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! 🐣🐑🌻

I hope your easter weekend is filled with lots of easter eggs and time spent with your families.

How cute is this Easter basket? I bought this for my niece as I was too busy to make my own for her.


It’s the time of year where I wish I had kids to do easter egg hunting and put up lots of decorations. I’m hoping in the near future this will happen!

Anyway,  I’m happy to say that after a whole 2 days of baking in between a busy weekend, it has come to an end and I have finished my easter baking!!


I made some tweeks to my plan from my last easter baking post so I would like to share with you what I have managed to do.


Easter Egg Baskets





Traditional Carrot Cake



Mini Egg Cookies



Chocolate Chip Brownies



Easter Chick Cupcakes



Enjoy the holidays everyone!

Thanks for reading, hope you like it 😊

Easter Baking

Okay, so we all love chocolate right?

Easter is one of my favourite times of the year! I love all the bright colours of nature and all the little baby animals that are about. Also, I love baking and this is a good opportunity for me to make lots of cakes. As I am arty, I like to experiment and I’m hoping to get better with my cake decorating skills. After all there’s plenty of mouths to feed so I best get planning now!

I’m dying to make much more than I did last year!

So, for starters I’m going to be making your typical easter egg baskets. Simple. 2 ingredients, some decorations and bobs your uncle! Love these as all the adults eat them too!


Last year I had made sheep cupcakes with my sister. This was a really fun decorating experience as we were trying to balance the marshmallows on top of the cupcake making sure they didn’t fall off haha!

They turned out really good. (Even though some of them look like they’ve had a flour fight). Really innocent one at the back there, definitely the ring leader!

Here’s a picture of them.


It’s shaun the sheep.


I also made a chocolate cake and decorated it in my own easter style. Recipe from Mary Berry’s cookbook. This was such a sugary cake so if you don’t like too much sugar I wouldn’t recommend it. However the devil’s food cake is also amazing! A lot cheaper with the amount of sugar I used in Mary Berry’s…



So this year I don’t know what to make? So far I have ideas which include;

  • Bunny Butt Cake
  • Traditional Carrot Cake
  • Mini Easter Egg Cakes
  • Easter Chick Cupcakes
  • Lemon Flower Tarts
  • Chocolate and Mini Egg Cheesecake
  • Bunny Cupcakes
  • Cadbury Egg stuffed Croissants





I will post another blog of how my baking has turned out!

Any questions, ideas or recipes give me a quick message.


Thanks Guys 🙂