Halloween Movie Night

Halloween is one of the best celebrations for me. I love autumn, carving pumpkins, drinking hot chocolates and snuggled up in thick Knits!

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a duvet watching scary films! Or Halloween movies with the kids!

  • The Addams Family
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Nightmare On Elm Street
  • GhostBusters
  • Casper
  • Beetlejuice
  • Monster House
  • It
  • The Conjuring
  • Annabelle
  • Hotel Transylvania
  • Insidious
  • Corpse Bride
  • Scared Shrekless
  • The Ring
  • Wrong Turn

Light your pumpkin and grab some popcorn!

Valentines Dates

Valentines day isn’t usually a day I celebrate with my Fiancé. However, on the odd occasion after 6 1/2 years we have slightly celebrated it.

Here’s a few ideas of dates indoors and outdoors you may enjoy!

  • Romantic indoor picnic – Plenty of snacks, popcorn etc and maybe even a chocolate or cheese fondue!
  • Movie Night – if you have the props.. a cuddle fort may be fun! Lots of snacks and marathons of your favourite films.
  • Valentine’s Meal – pick a fancy restaurant or one you’ve never tried before.
  • Spa Day – A relaxing spa day together could be perfect if you both need to unwind.
  • Weekend Away – a luxury weekend away in a lodge with a hot tub, your favourite place or a new adventure for you both.
  • Activity Day – Bowling, Mini golf, Segway, Rock Climbing.

Fast & Furious Live Show

14th April 2018 – Manchester Arena

I took Jay to see the Fast and Furious Live Show in Manchester for his late birthday present.

I’ve been so excited for this since booking it at the beginning of the year.

The show was amazing!

The stunts were all spot on and the atmosphere was surreal. It was a full action packed afternoon. From gun shots to crashes and explosions.

The audience were involved in lots of different activities through the show.

It was great to see parts from every film throughout, my only bother that they weren’t in order!

My most favourite thing about it is the drifting. If you were wondering if we were choking on the burnt rubber fumes – it really wasn’t that bad!

Fast Five is my favourite film out of the lot. I absolutely love Danza Kuduro, and the moment at the end of this scene live was amazing! The song started playing and I was dancing and there’s an explosion of $ dollar bills flying down on us!

It was such a fab afternoon, we both had such a good time.


Brownie points to me of course.. ❤️

Harry Potter 🤓☇

Calling all wizards and witches!
Day One
Last Sunday we travelled down to London to visit the Harry Potter Studios for the 15th Anniversary of the very first film. Myself, my boyfriend, mum, sister, my auntie and uncle all squeezed into a small spaced 6 seater car. Nightmare! I’ve had this trip planned for several months now and I’ve always wanted to go since it had first opened. I’m obsessed with Harry Potter so as you can imagine I was so excited!

We only stayed in a travel lodge close to the studio which was nice apart from the 30 minutes free WiFi. I wasn’t paying £3 for 24 hours when I was sleeping for 8 of them and leaving the hotel by 10am the next day. When we arrived today the hotel we freshened up, got a few drinks and headed out for tea.

Day Two 

Time for Harry Potter!!!

First of all we didn’t even have to queue before going in to start our tour as we already had all of our tickets. Bonus! I hate waiting haha. I managed to take a few snaps before being shooed off the road by parking staff.

I straight away got the feels when I walked into the building and looked all around me. The fact that they included a lot of things before you started your tour was good and made the beginning more appealing to people. I think I was the only one to notice Daniel, Emma and Rupert’s handprints as everyone else was queuing for the tour. Somehow I’ve lost Emma’s handprint picture. They’re a bit blurry as yet again I was shooed off to start the tour.

The above picture of Harry’s Cupboard was when we were queuing up. They have placed it here as this was part of the beginning chapter of Harry Potter, as well as it being the 15th Anniversary. I can’t get over how long ago the first film came out. They opened the door to the cinema where you sit back and watch all 8 Harry Potter films. Only joking! But I would have loved that. They made a short film of different clips from each film.

The screen lifted up and The Great Hall doors were in front of us. All of the soldiers were up on the walls around it. The doors opened and we were taken into The Great Hall. Each of the different houses and their characters costumes were all in sections down The Great Hall. The teachers were at the bottom where they were all standing when the students were being sorted into their houses.

The next few photos are from the next part of the tour which is a huge room and takes you round not necessarily in any order. I’m not going to say much about the different pictures I’ve took as if you haven’t been it will ruin part of the experience if you ever go. I have limited the amount of photos I’m posting too or you’d get the whole tour in my blog. I have over 300 pictures and I doubt you’d want to go through them all!

Sherbet Lemon

In Dumbledore’s office where he keeps all the memories in tiny capsules in a cupboard would spin around which was a good added effect. The only downfall was that I thought Phoenix would be in his office too. That came in the special effects department though, but I missed it.

What was so amazing about the Potions Classroom was that all the bottles what we’re around it on the shelves etc. we’re all created differently and not a single one had the same materials used for it. There was over 100 bottles made for the films.

After this part we did the green screens. We had a photo taken in the blue car and we rode on the broomsticks. This was fun but I hated my video and the picture!

The death eaters all had individual masks that they wore.

I was so excited for this next part!

It was good to be able to go on the  Howgwart’s Express. Although I was a little claustrophobic going down it. Each cabin had things in from the different films beginning to end. This included when the dementors tried to suckling the soul out of Harry, Luna’s cabin which had a quibbler and the glasses she wears and the signature cabin when Lavender drew a heart on Ron and Harry’s cabin.

The above picture wasn’t in the train but was separate at the end of this section. Across from this was the characters outfits when they had all grown up in the 8th film.
After this we had our lunch in the cafeteria. I got my obligatory Butterbeer and my sister had bought a Buttermere ice cream.

I didn’t get it in a proper Butterbeer Mug as they charged extra for this and it was only plastic. However, there is also a glass one in the souvenir shop at the end of the tour.

After we ate, we went outside to view so of the much larger artifacts of the films. I hate when people get in my pictures but I have tried to get as many people out of the shots as possible.

And the tour continues…

And last but not least the absolute best bit!

The Castle. My gosh it was SO big. My picture just doesn’t do it any justice.

And our tour came to an end after several hours. We went into the gift shop and bought wands for ourselves and a chocolate frog each. We spent so long in the shop trying to chose which wand we wanted. I chose Professor Snape and My boyfriend chose Professor Dumbledore’s.

I now need to go on another adventure! I’d like to go to Shrek Adventures next.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend guys.
Expelliarmus  ☇