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I never thought my little legs could carry me so far, the endless walking around New York is pretty knackering.

I spent a whole week wandering the streets of New York City, celebrating my sisters 21st birthday.

This was my first time in NYC and I have completed the list of attractions!


Stopped off at a little café before heading out to explore. This grilled cheese was amazing!

Hopped on a bus tour, to see some sites. The weather was absolutely scorching!

We jumped off the bus and headed for the Highline. An elevated old rail road, now turned into a garden. The Highline is approximately 3.5km.


“Happy 21st Birthday!”

We had a relaxing day on my sisters 21st and headed to a roof top bar for some cocktails. Beautiful view of the Empire State whilst in the sun.


We headed out early to visit the Beautiful Grand Central Station. I have never seen anything quite like it before! So much detail and beauty.

We hopped on the bus to visit the Metropolitan Museum and Central Park. We later visited the Natural History Museum before heading back to our hotel for a few hours.

In the evening we attended a baseball game, a one in a lifetime experience! We absolutely loved it.


Roosevelt Island. It was very interesting to go over to the island. They had an old Mental Asylum, an overgrown small pox hospital and their own little town. The only way you can get on and off the island is the cable car or boat.

Later that evening, back in Manhattan, we headed to the Rockerfeller Centre to take a view of the city skyline.



We took a boat out to see the Statue Of Liberty. Unfortunately we couldn’t get off but the view was still so amazing!

In the afternoon we took the bus back round the city, towards the 9/11 memorial.

I’d highly recommend visiting the area of 9/11, you really don’t understand how big of an area it has affected. We walked around the block and learnt so much from a man who polishes the fight fighter tribute daily.

We will never forget all the men women and babies who lost their lives on that day.


My sister booked a random treat called ‘Crystal Methadonuts’ if you know breaking bad you’ll understand!

We visited the Friends Apartment and then walked back on ourselves before taking a yellow cab over to Brooklyn, because who goes to NYC without taking a cab ride!

DUMBO – Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass

Later that evening I had booked a night out for us at the theatre, you just cannot go to Broadway if you’re in New York!

Anastasia is my favourite Disney film of all time and there’s nothing better than being able to see something that will not be in the UK for many years!


Total chill day, $1 pizzas for lunch and then headed to the Airport to go home.

We had an amazing time! Have you ever been to NYC?!

Thanks for reading guys,

With Love, V x

72 Hours in Prague 

Prague 23rd – 26th February
We headed to the airport on Thursday 23rd, unfortunately in storm Doris! We managed to get there but our plane was delayed for 2 and a half hours.

We got to our hotel around 7pm settled in and got changed to head out due to missing out on 2 hours there already. Our hotel room was very spacious, a downer was that we had no WiFi when we were told there was by our travel company.

The stairs were beautiful from the top floor our room was on.

Another downer was that our hotel was on top of a hill and half an hour walk away from the town square. Walking down was okay but after a full days walking anyway, walking back up it was very exhausting.

Day one (night time)

We headed down at night to the town square, through all the little streets looking at what shops they had in Prague.

When you enter the town there is an archway next to a huge theatre which was stunning.

The above picture is where the astronomical clock is. We headed back to our hotel after this and came back the day after.
Day Two

We decided not to have breakfast as my mum wasn’t well so we had a lie in and headed out at 10am to go back to the town square.

The astronomical clock was destroyed in world war 2 by Hitlers army and was later refurbished to work again.

Every hour the clock will chime and the wooden characters inside move around. Its definitely worth seeing but it is very busy so you need to get your space early enough to see it. We actually did this on another day as this day was very cold and we had hailstones.

We headed to the cafe in the corner, which is by the clock to heat up.

We had a hot chocolate and a margarita pizza as we had no breakfast.

We then headed for Charles Bridge but stopped of at a lovely church hidden away. It’s nice to see the comparison between the churches in England to there’s in Praha. In Prague every church is beautiful with the paintings and gold features.

Our next stop was Charles Bridge.

Charles Bridge has beautiful landscapes.

We nipped into an empty cafe to have desserts and a hot drink to keep ourselves warm.

Out next stop after this was John Lennon Wall which wasn’t far from the cafe. This was number 2 on my list of things to do.

The wall gets cleaned and redone by locals every so often. My favourite piece is the peace sign as out of the whole wall this stood out the most.

We then headed back over the bridge and down the river to get a view of Charles Bridge with old town behind.

Just 2 bridges down is the famous Dancing House. This cost a whopping £90 million to build. Its the only modern looking building I saw while in Prague.

Evening was getting closer so we walked back to the town square again and found a restaurant to eat at. We had schnitzel and chips.

As we were near the astronomical clock, we waited until it was at the hour to see the clock chime.

Day Three

On our last full day we headed up to the castle. We decided to take a tour bus up to see if we missed anything worthwhile (also much cheaper than taxi). The bus started by the opera house and we got our tickets from the booth there. It was about a 50 minute journey up to the castle with all the detours.

Below is inside the grounds. The first building outside and in being St. Vitus cathedral.

The above, Prague Castle

St. George’s Basilica is so pretty from the outside.

The view from Prague Castle

Last Day

The last few photos are a mixture of in-between and our last day.

St Nicholas Church. So beautiful.

If you’re a sweet tooth, try one of these! We got them on separate days.

You’ll have no problem finding them walking through Prague town streets.
I hope you all enjoyed the read! I know it’s long overdue. I tried to to make it too boring. But, I loved going to Prague. I’ve only been to one other city, Paris, and I hated that!
Love, V x