A Night at the Ballet 

Hi guys! 

So on Monday evening my mum and I took my grandma and her sister to the theatre. My grandma’s sister comes from Germany and doesn’t go to the opera and the theatre anymore. We thought we would surprise them both as an early Christmas present. 

Of course there were roadworks everywhere! So it took us an extra 15 minutes to get there. My grandma had clicked on that we were going to the theatre but I told her a white lie so she’d cancel that idea out! Haha. I’m mean I know! But she would ask A LOT of questions if I had said yes. 

We got there and there wasn’t much parking spaces so we stopped behind the disabled parking area and I helped them get out and back in to the warm. There was a bit of cufuffle before that. Some woman decided she wanted to park in-between the disabled parked cars. This woman was adamant to get in-between so my mum kicked off because she wasn’t even a blue badge holder. 

I collected the tickets from the box office and waited for my mum to park so she could help them up to their seats. We took the lift up as 2 flights of stairs would have been far too much for them both. We got them to their seats, which was nice as the man let us in with them. Moments later we left and the ballet shortly started. 

My mum and I went out for a meal to Bella Italia. It’s not very often we get to sit down and have a meal together. It’s always my sister and my mum that go and I’m always working! So it was my treat for her to pay. After finishing our meal, we booked Elf the musical for next Christmas! yay! 

We got the bill and headed back to the theatre and wait for the ballet to finish. The town was done up really nice with lights and a Christmas Tree so we walked through the town and back just in time for the ballet to finish. 

Walking up the stairs to the top where they were, we had noticed they’d missed out on some posters and other things so we decided to bring them back down that way, instead of the lift again. We met them outside the doors of where they were. 

My mums auntie said she absolutely loved it and had always wanted to go and see it. Now she has, it’s made her trip to England more worth while. It took some time to get down the stairs, but they managed it! I had bought them a programme each and collected some leaflets as my mums auntie likes to keep an album of reminders. 

They had such a good time, I’m so glad we managed to get tickets in the end. 

Please take a look at the pictures I took for them below! 

Thank you for reading! 🙂 

Vicky x 

The Bodyguard

On Saturday I went to go and see The Bodyguard in theatre with my mum and sister as a late 21st present.


To make things easier we were going to get the train as the theatre is practically right next to it in Liverpool. They weren’t running, so we had to drive. Luckily we had enough time to get there and then walk from the echo arena to the theatre!

I couldn’t wait to sit down! Usually I’d complain that I don’t drink when I go anywhere due to me driving all the time but I chose to be a big kid and have a raspberry slush and wine gums haha.

Anyway, the show started with a loud gunshot which made everyone jump out of their skin! I vaguely remember the film so it was my fault for not watching it before hand.

The girls were such amazing singers throughout! The only downfall was the audience. I’m not one to be dull but, when the someone wolf whistles the bodyguard as a joke more than once it tends to become a sad act.

It was getting to the point where everyone started doing it and the girl playing Rachel Marron couldn’t even be heard through the audience.

I was quite disappointed when I found out that Alexandra Burke wasn’t playing the part of Rachel Marron during any day shows. I was really looking forward to her performance, however the girl how did play her during the day was amazing!

During the show they used songs of Whitney’s which were newer too as well as the old ones. The finale was amazing! Everyone ended up giving a standing ovation and began dancing and singing. The cast got everyone to join in.

I would of loved to of seen one of Whitney’s shows while she was alive. This show was such a good way of remembering her incredible voice!

It was such a good show! If you ever get the chance to go and see it make sure you do! You’re missing out!

Hope you’ve all had a great bank holiday weekend!